Viola Place Recording is a multitrack studio complete with a seperate isolation booth for vocals or drums. We offer a fully miked drum kit, and live drums on any project. Live drums are included when studio time is booked as part of many recording packages. All rooms are air conditioned and very comfortable.

Equipment list

Microphones: Groove Tubes GT66, AKG 414, Shure SM 57s, ADK S-7, Shure SM 48. Drum Mics include Shure SM 57s, Shue SM81, Octava MK012, Senhieser e-602-II, Shure A98D.

Microphone Pre Amps: Avalon 737 SP, UA M610,  UA 2-610

Audio Interface: Apogee AD16

Midi: MOTU MTP AV, 2408, 24i

Software: MOTU Digital Performer 7 w Mach V - II

Plugins: Waves Gold complete

Drums: Yamaha Recording Custom birch drums. Zildjian A and K cymbals.

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